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Dance Curriculum

Preschool Program ~ ages 3-5

Creative Movement

This unique and lively class opens up a world of possibilities for our youngest students (age 3), through a creative exploration of movement. In this nurturing atmosphere, students will be introduced to basic dance concepts such as balance, shape, flexibility, rhythm and locomotion, as well as their very first steps in Tap, Ballet and Jazz. They will learn self-control as they follow directions, take turns, and practice following and being the leader. Children will delight in the imagery and playful activities presented to them and will benefit from both physical and social outcomes. (45 min)

This class performs 1 dance in the year end Showcase

This class is a continuation of Creative Movement, and is intended for ages 4.  As attention span and familiarity improve, this class will introduce more structure. Students will expand on their vocabulary and retention ability, preparing them for a full hour of study.  (45 min.)This class performs 1 dance in the year end Showcase

ComboClasses (Ages 5-9)

All of our Combo are designed to create an outlet for those who wish to begin or continue their passion for dance.  All Combo classes are a combination of Ballet and Tap  or Tap and Jazz, and include Barre work, combinations across the floor and in the center.  They will explore musicality and rhythm through tap technique and progress in footwork and speed. Dancers will move on to the next level, as they progress in age, interest, vocabulary and ability. 
*Students are placed according to their age and experience, and are continually evaluated to ensure proper placement.. 
*In an environment that fosters self-esteem and confidence, parents are assured their child will develop necessary life tools that extend far beyond the classroom.
* All Combo classes perform 2 dances in the year end Showcase.

This is the first year of a full hour of study for the beginner. Students age 5 begin to follow a structured dance class and are introduced to Ballet and Tap vocabulary, with specific attention to placement and following music.

*This class purchases 1 costume for the year end Showcase.
Combo 1 & 2
All of our Combo are designed to create an outlet for those who wish to begin or continue their passion for dance.  Both levels are a combination of Ballet and Tap and continue in progression from one to the next. Steps and rate at which material is instructed is carefully planned to be appropriate to each level.
* These classes purchase 2 costumes for the year end showcase.
Combo 3
 This class introduces Jazz technique, and requires prior dance experience. As the dancers grow in confidence and ability, the Tap portion will now begin to introduce varied styles along with more intricate footwork and rhythmic techniques. Classic Jazz technique will include isolations, stretching, strengthening of the center and lower body, progressions across the floor and center combinations all contributing to the development of style and performance. Students at this level are STRONGLY encouraged to take Ballet at this point in their training.

*This class purchases 2 costumes for the year end Showcase
Combo 4
This class is a combination of Tap and Jazz. It builds upon the already established vocabulary in Tap and Jazz, while placing an emphasis on strengthening technique and musicality of both. Students in this class MUST have prior tance training and it is strongly suggested that they compliment this class with Ballet 1 or 2 (depending on ability).


Individual Disciplines (Ages 8 & up)

Each individual class will perform a minimum of 1 piece in our year end Showcase.

The CK Dance ballet curriculum embraces sound ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian, Russian, and Balanchine schools of training. The program aims to train students to use their bodies correctly, focusing on kinetics and coordination, as well as anatomy and proper body alignment. This curriculum strives to provide students with a rich knowledge of classical ballet technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance. Our ballet program is divided into 5 levels according to the students’ abilities.  Students age 8 may begin in our Ballet 1 class, which introduces basic ballet principles and the structure and discipline of a typical class. As dancers progress, they can expect to spend two to three years in each level, perfecting their technique and developing their craft. Each level class is appropriately designed to continue a growth of technical skill and artistic expression.  Dancers will work through a class that will challenge their minds and their bodies, with barre and center exercises focusing on balance, line and use of the upper body, and will gradually shift their focus from the physical to an artistic approach.
*Students taking pointe must be at least 11 years old, and are required to take two ballet classes per week, and MUST be professional fit for their Pointe shoes. 
*Our levels are meant as a guideline for students and teachers. Students with advanced abilities will be placed accordingly.
Ballet 1 (Beginner)  Ballet 2 (Advanced Beginner)  Ballet 3 (Intermediate) 
Ballet 4 (Intermediate/Advanced)  Ballet 5 (Advanced)  Open Ballet (all levels welcome)

Tap dancing is a way for dancers to become physically “instrumental” in making music. At the beginning levels, students will learn basic steps and vocabulary through a progression of dances created to encourage growth and skill.  These Dances use the concept of repetition to ensure proper development and control of the foot and ankle while encouraging sound articulation, precision and musicality. As students progress, they will be exposed to various styles of tap dancing including Broadway, Soft Shoe, Heel and Toe and Rhythm Tap, to name a few.
Tap 1 (Beginner)  Tap2 (Advanced Beginner)  Tap 3 (Intermediate) Tap 4 (Intermediate/Advanced)
Tap 5 (Advanced)
Jazz is the most commercial style of dance today. It encompasses many styles and concepts and is heavily influenced by music. We offer Jazz in 5 levels, and all classes incorporate a combination of some or all styles including Classic Jazz, Musical Theater Jazz, Lyrical and Modern Jazz.
*Jazz dance explores movement through isolations, shape, line, strength, flexibility and control. Dancers are led through a thorough center warm-up including stretching, isolations, placement and alignment, shape, and core strengthening. This is followed by combinations that build locomotive skills, encourage musicality and dynamics, and challenge students to explore individual expression and character.
*Ballet is strongly recommended as a compliment to Jazz, as it allows dancers to progress through the program and the technique more rapidly.
Jazz 1 (Beginner)  Jazz 2 (Advanced Beginner)  Jazz 3 (Intermediate) 
Jazz 4 (Intermediate/Advanced)  Jazz 5 (Advanced) Open Jazz (various levels may participate; taught at an intermediate level)
Heavily influenced by classical ballet, this form of dance explores the contemporary expressions of founding choreographers such as Graham, Horton, Limon and Cunningham to name a few.

*Ballet is strongly recommended as a compliment to Modern to help support the foundations of the technique.
Hip Hop
This style of dance is motivated by music and personal expression. What separates hip-hop dance from other forms of dance is that it is often freestyle and improvisational. Therefore, students in our classes are encouraged to interpret choreography to suit their individuality.
Hip Hop performance requires strength and control, and a sense of connection to the floor. Students will develop an awareness of weight, space, isolations, musicality and dynamics, all through flavorful choreography set to popular music. This class is divided into two age groups to ensure age appropriateness of music selection and choreography.
*In cases where there is a large number of students enrolled, we will split the class into Jr. Hip Hop (ages 8-12)   Hip Hop (ages 12+)


Specialty Classes

These classes include, but are not limited to, Leaps & Turns, Pilates for Dancers, Lyrical, and more. They  will focus on refining technique and performance in the specified discipline. Each specialty class has pre-requisites that must be met in order for students to participate. Class duration varies with regard to age and style.

*Please feel free to email us if you require a more detailed description of the individual levels within each discipline.


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