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Adults Only!

New sessions begin September 20th


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Barre Fitness  ~  Saturdays  8:00am

Session Rates:  6 weeks~$75       

New Client Introductory Card ~ 5 classes ~ $40

10 Class Cards  ~  $150*

Single class rates ~ $18*

*Parents of current CKDC students will receive 10% off single classes or class cards

We are currently working on our Adult Dance classes, and hope to offer some more soon! 



Class Descriptions

Adult Dance 
(all adult dance classes are taught at the advanced beginner/intermediate level; some dance experience is recommended but not required)

Adult Ballet

Ballet offers fitness and overall conditioning benefits that are not attainable by any other form of movement. If you've always wondered what it feels like to dance and move with the poise and grace of a dancer, this class is for you!

Adult Tap/Jazz

Channel your inner dancer and move with us!
This class is for anyone over 18, that would like to experience the joy of dancing and a FUN way to exercise and burn calories. It is a 1hr and 15 min class including Tap and Jazz dance.  The class begins with Tap warm-up exercises that teach and practice the basics of Tap, across the floor progressions and center combinations that incorporate all the various Tap styles and footwork. It continues with a Jazz warm up that includes toning exercises and stretching, moves into strength building progressions across the floor and concludes with dance combinations and a short cool down.

Adult Fitness 

Barre Fitness

 This class is for those longing for a lean, toned physique.  Although the routines draw from dance and Pilates, they are set to fast-paced, current music, and the intense workout is definitely a beast of its own.  Lasting just under an hour, this class incorporates the Ballet Barre, a soft ball, light weights and a mat, works the entire body.  It will leave the committed  survivors with a strong, toned shape, resembling that of a dancer.


This mat class explores exercises derived from the Pilates Method and Yoga. Clients are led through a series of exercises that promote body awareness, skeletal alignment and fluidity of movement. You will learn proper breathing techniques and build strength, flexibility, balance and control. Pilates and Yoga aid in everyday activities and improved integration of the body’s natural process.

Classes will only run when 4 or more clients are present

Check our class schedule for class times.

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